The Togetherness Mantra

SWAHA is a Sanskrit word often used in a sacred fire ceremony, called a HOMA. It’s a word that symbolizes making an offering or dedication. It’s like saying, “I offer it up,” “I dedicate this to my Source/Self/Divine/Nature.” It can be an offering for balance in mind, body, heart and spirit… and for the highest good of All.
Sanskrit is an ancient language, known as the language of Yoga or Union and known for its vibrational healing qualities. I love practices that include Ritual – and ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle or placing a meaningful photo in your practice space or saying a mantra or prayer – it’s a symbolic act to remind you of your connection to your Self or Source. These practices support us in cultivating peace of mind and can be immensely powerful when they’re offered from the heart. It’s the devotion aspect that frees the mind, teaches us the power of surrender and being present to what is, and allows our actions to come from a place of unconditional love.
As human beings, we live in physical bodies. A simple ritual can have a powerful effect to represent on the physical level what’s happening on more subtle levels of our being – the energetic level (pranamaya kosha), the mental/emotional level (manomaya kosha), the wisdom level (vijnanamaya kosha), and the spiritual/bliss level (anandamaya kosha). Yoga calls these layers of the Self the “Sheaths” or “Koshas.”