“I came to the Breathing Room with little yoga experience and not much faith in the practice. I was quickly converted! The teachers, space and environment are all amazing. The teachers welcome and encourage you to find the best practice for yourself. The teachers at BR clearly love what they do and it shows in each classes and their support of the students, whether it is finding your edge or backing off from it. I have loved every class I’ve attended and being a part of the community created at the Breathing Room. My yoga practice has gone from none existent to a vital part of my day thanks to the Breathing Room. Thank You BR!”

– Katrina Noren

“Yoga at Breathing Room is a wonderful compliment to the rest of my gym schedule.  The variation of stretches and poses strengthen all the places “in between”  that I seem to miss at the gym, and the atmosphere is conducive to each individual’s practice,  I feel stronger, more flexible, and more centered after every class, and I often carry these intentions and practices with me to the rest of my day-to-day activities.

Each week, Carissa and the rest of the instructors find a way to challenge and sooth at the same time.  I always look forward to the hour of peace and repose at Breathing Room and I am appreciative of how I feel after each class. ”

– Chad Braley

“The opening of the Breathing Room was a gift for many of us. In this small, warm space I have found just the right balances of grace and silence, an understanding of yoga and perhaps a bit of my own self, and a lovely cast of loving, patient, intelligent teachers. The disciplines of coming to class, learning to breathe, pushing my limits and knowing when NOT to push, have enriched my life in subltle, interesting ways. Thank you!”

– Betsy Dunphy

Having not done yoga for many years (and even when I did it, I didn’t really enjoy it!), I was reluctant to take any classes in the Portland area. However, when my friend Kelly said she was teaching at the Breathing Room, I figured I had nothing to lose — I’d go try it out. Immediately after class, I signed up for a month unlimited pass! My experiences at the Breathing Room are always wonderful — and they’re always different. Due to the varied styles of the instructors, no two classes are ever the same. Each instructor carries her own personaltiy to the class through her music selection, her choice of poses, and the energy she brings to the Room. Every instructor cares for the well-being of her students, as well; they are happy to offer modified poses or add a level of depth for more experienced students. Instructors’ respect for all students is obvious during each class: regardless of one’s level of experience, he or she is always welcome! As much as I may not want to get on my mat after work or first thing in the morning, once I’m at the Breathing Room, I’m always pleased that I did! Thanks for creating such a unique and warm environment!

– Kristin Rofe

After jumping from studio to studio over the last three years, I have finally found a home for my practice at the Breathing Room. Carissa and all the instructors cultivate a safe and inviting space in which practicing the physical asanas of yoga is the base for exploring so much more about the individual self and the local and global community. After each class at the Breathing Room, I leave with a better understanding of and ability to take what I learn on my mat and integrate it into everyday life. I am so grateful to have found and be welcomed into this space. Thank you!

– Susy Hawes

I was so happy when Breathing Room opened. I tell everyone about it. The variety in classes, instructors and the flexibility of scheduling has only made me love it more. I started running in March and practicing Yoga has been the best compliment to running. I am not great at stretching so the yoga really helps with that.

– Patty Blankenship

“From the moment I walk into the Breathing Room I feel the transition to relaxation. I love every part of it…the teachers, the space,the classes, the tin ceiling! I always leave with a bigger smile on my face. Namaste!”

– Peggy Crowley