Studio Info

Breathing Room opened in January 2011 with the goal of offering intimate classes (our class max is 20 and our average class size is about 10 students) with a variety of teachers in a peaceful, unique and non competitive setting. We do our best to make yoga accessible to all by offering many different class types, low priced classes (including weekly $7 and donation only classes), and keeping our ears open to the needs and desires of our students.  All of our teachers have completed at least 200 hours of yoga teacher training, a standard set forth by the national Yoga Alliance (based in Arlington, VA), as well as many other continuing education workshops and trainings. Our teachers are amazing!  We recommend trying a few teachers to find those who most resonate with you.

Yoga is a very personal practice.  Join us in our studio where the students are the true focus.  We keep it simple – offer really great classes, with fantastic, well-trained teachers, in a sweet local studio.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon!  If we didn’t answer all your questions here, feel free to email us:


Join the Breathing Room family and immerse yourself fully in this strong yoga community.  Enjoy the ease of an unlimited membership, along with added perks!

Membership Includes:

  • unlimited yoga classes
  • 10% discount on all specialty series and single day workshops
  • 10% off all retail (excluding local artisan products)
  • 1 free guest pass per month (for students new to the studio)
  • other perks, gifts and events throughout the year!

–          Purchase policies:  All purchases are non refundable.  Passes may be shared with a spouse/partner only.  All passes activate on the day of purchase and pass expiration dates are firm.  Often if we have a pass sale, the expiration dates may be shorter.

–          Most of our classes are vinyasa style, also commonly called flow yoga.  This means that the poses are connected and flow from one to the next using the in-breaths and out-breaths.  The poses (in yoga we call them asanas) are sequenced intelligently from one to the next.  Yoga is a lifelong practice, so plenty of options/modifications/variations are given to meet everyone where they are in their practice on any given day.  And, if vinyasa/flow isn’t your thing, try another style of class.  We offer a variety of classes, see our full schedule here.

–         Our studio is open 15 minutes prior to each scheduled class and 15 minutes after each scheduled class ends.  Our door is locked during class as a courtesy to the students practicing inside.  If you’re coming to class, we recommend trying to arrive 5 minutes early to place your mat and center yourself.  If you’d like to pick up a schedule or visit our studio during another time, just let us know!  We’ll happily arrange a time to meet at your convenience.

–         Many students consider their time on the mat as sacred valuable time.  As such, please do your best to stay for savasana (final resting pose).  If you must leave early, please alert your teacher in advance and exit quietly.

–          Our studio temperature is around 72-80 degrees year-round.   We do not offer “hot” yoga.  (However, you may indeed sweat as you build organic, internal heat!) We do occasionally use air conditioning in the summer.  If the room is ever uncomfortable to you, we hope you will speak with the teacher about it so we can do our best to make everyone comfortable.

–        Our classes range from 60-90 minutes, depending on the class.

–          All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Only partners/husbands/wives may share class passes.

–         If you pre-reserve a spot in class: Know we are an intimate space and are doing our best to hold your reserved spot in classes! Therefore, to not be charged for pre-reserved yoga classes, you must cancel out of the class within 60 minutes of the class start time.  In the event that the class is full, your spot may be given to a waiting student if you are not present five minutes before the official class starting time.

–        Workshop Cancellation Policy–

Workshop purchases/reservations are non refundable, so we encourage you to please purchase wisely.  NOTE that we are happy to refund your workshop fee if YOU are able to find someone to fill your space in the workshop.  Many of our teachers travel to our space for workshops, so planning ahead is key.  Endless thanks to you for understanding this no-exception policy.

–          Please use the abundant, free street parking right outside our front door or on the side streets beside the studio.

–          Inform your teacher of any injuries or health issues (including pregnancy) before class begins.  Any information you share with your teacher is confidential.

–       Please remove your shoes in our reception area.  You’re welcome to carry your socks to your mat to wear during savasana (final resting pose) if you like.

–          In the event of inclement weather, Breathing Room will post class cancellations on our Facebook page.  Please check in with us there or call the studio if you’re unsure about whether or not we’re having class.

– All the photos on this site were taken by our talented friend, Tammy Walter.  If you’d like to contact her, reach out to us and we’ll put you in touch!