The Breathing Room prides itself on its feeling of community and the support it offers to both its students and its teachers. Our mentorship program is a chance to participate and help build that community in a sustainable way that allows you to walk away feeling confident in your teaching and in your knowledge of the yoga industry. Additionally, we want you to integrate the materials of your 200-hour or 500-hour teacher training–it’s time to bring them onto the mat and into the studio!


New teachers that want additional guidance to evolve their teaching.
Experienced teachers who want help refining their teaching, discovering a personal niche, learning queuing that will reflect their personal teaching style.

It is an opportunity to deepen, fine tune, hone and practice your teaching skills. We aim to create an environment that is focused on fostering your growth as a teacher and helping you develop a network. The Breathing Room Yoga mentor and mentee work one-on-one to individually customize the advanced training to the mentee’s particular needs and wants.


The BR Mentorship Program for Yoga Teachers is taught over a 4-6 month period and includes:

  • Private mentoring sessions to establish and clarify your personal goals and create a strategic plan to accomplish them.
  • Your mentor will customize reading, writing and homework assignments to your personal goals and needs.
  • One private yoga session taught by your mentor (Currently, Lily Dougher, Margo Rosingana, and Kelley Voegelin are mentoring Yoga Teachers). In this session, we will acknowledge your body’s personal wisdom and learn how to use that knowledge to help others.
  • Guidance in facilitating your personal journey of finding your authentic self as a teacher through reflection, introspection and self inquiry.
  • Observation and assisting weekly classes with discussion and feedback for 4 months.
  • The opportunity to attend two weekly classes at Breathing Room when assisting.
  • Access to resources and private group discussion group on Facebook.
  • SEVA project that is customized to your personal goals and needs.


  • Build more effective sequences for your personal practice and students.
  • Learn how to create a safe, supportive and fun community for your students to learn in.
  • Understand how to identify and work with your students’ individual concerns and needs.
  • Gain confidence in overall assisting.
  • Understanding how to assist inversions safely and effectively.
  • Enhance your personal practice and understanding of your own body.
  • Learn how to empower your students through your teaching!!!


This program is open to those who have completed a 200 or 500 hour yoga teacher training program or equivalent. You must be currently teaching or looking to build your yoga teaching.


  • Choosing a Breathing Room Yoga teacher or teachers to work with one-on-one through the consecutive and agreed upon month period. The teacher has to be open to it at the time; we will let you know within 3 weeks of your mentorship application if your teacher or one of your teachers is available.
  • Unlimited classes at Breathing Room Yoga for the 4 month duration. Mentees are expected to take at least two classes per week with either their mentor or teachers approved by their mentor. Mentees have to sit and observe at least three classes per month with either their mentor or other teachers approved by their mentor.
  • The opportunity to assist your chosen teacher in one of his or her classes on a weekly basis with a 10-minute minimum Q&A after class.*
  • Gradual development over time to possibly begin to teach agreed upon portions of your teacher’s class (dependent on chosen teacher).
  • Attendance and assisting one workshop led by your mentor or another Breathing Room Yoga teacher if the timing doesn’t work out.
  • A one-hour private session with your mentor each month
  • Monthly meeting (in person or phone) with your chosen teacher to go over agreed upon customized homework assignments such as:
    – Sequencing
    – Adjustments
    – Communications/Cueing
    – Marketing, building community with students, social media, auditions and finding work
    – Yoga Sutras: Understanding, chanting and transmitting their wisdom in classroom situations
    – Yoga for everyone: Pre and postnatal, chair and seniors, gentle, and therapeutic yoga
    – The development of your own home and studio practice
    – Chanting
    – Review one part of your anatomy training and create a flow that you teach your mentor with that in mind.

*Proof of liability insurance required prior to assisting mentor’s classes


$825 (Payment in full) or $925 (Payment plan is available)

**Tuition includes unlimited classes at The Breathing Room Yoga Studio for entire duration of mentorship program.


Please submit copies of both the following questions and your answers along with your name, address, telephone number, email, the name of the Mentor you hope to work with to:

  1. Name, contact info, styles/traditions of yoga you have practiced, styles/traditions of yoga you have taught, when/where did you pursue.
  2. Are you a Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour teacher or currently enrolled in a 200-hour program?
  3. Which 200-hour program are you participating in or a graduate of?
  4. Are you currently teaching? If so, what style, level, and how often?
  5. Is there a style of Yoga you are interested in learning more about?
  6. Is there a specific population you would like more experience with? For example: Intro to Yoga, Yoga for 50+, Prenatal, Back Care, etc.
  7. Is there a teacher you currently study with? If so, who?
  8. What are you looking to gain from in the Mentor Program at the Breathing Room?
  9. You will be contacted to arrange the mentorship schedule.
  10. short essay: How do you want to develop and deepen as a teacher?