After moving to Portland, I immediately found my happy place in the wellness community here. I loved meeting fellow students and learning from different teachers. I found that the exercise of barre transformed the meaning of true mental and physical strength for me. As a Division 1 softball player in college, I was oftentimes pushed beyond my physical and mental limits. I endured a lot of heavy weight lifting and endurance training, but not as much focus on the importance of isometric strength building, flexibility, and balance that I absolutely love about the practice of barre. The low-impact component of barre also really resonated with me as I have undergone an ACL reconstruction surgery during my college softball career. It didn’t take long before I decided to become certified through Elizabeth April’s rigorous 100hr barre teacher training.

My drive and passion to establish myself in the barre community led me straight to Shannon Ireland, a well-known barre and spin instructor in the area. Shannon provided me with the opportunity to sub her barre classes at NXgen Fitness Center in Scarborough. NXgen has taught me that barre is truly an exercise for anyone; whether you are young, old, injured, or healthy. Everyone can get something out of my class.

I then made my way into the warm and welcoming family at Tula studios as a community class teacher. I have found that being a barre instructor is more than just teaching, but a platform to find my voice and practice being confident. It has given me the opportunity to interact with so many amazing people in the wellness community who share the same love for fitness, self-care, and community. Pursuing barre as both a student and teacher has opened up a safer avenue for me to push my mind and body to new limits, while taking an active role in leadership and movement education. 

As a fitness enthusiast I live in workout clothes.  Naturally I became an independent representative with Zyia active, an active lifestyle brand that makes high quality workout/leisure clothes more affordable. When I’m not teaching/practicing barre, I enjoy  yoga, spinning, hiking, skiing, cooking, learning about nutrition, and hitting the beach!