Jess Zdanys

“All you ever longed for is before you in this moment, if you dare draw in a breath and whisper ,”Yes.” ― Danna Faulds

 Jess Zdanys obtained her 200 hour Recovery Yoga Teacher certification in 2019 at Zen and Now Studio in Connecticut and has been dedicated to practicing yoga regularly since 2013. She loves working with students of all levels and ages enjoys teaching family yoga, vinyasa flow, and Restorative yoga. She is most inspired by introducing others to different healing tools such as meditation, sound healing, and self-care practices. She has her Reiki 2 certification and plans to complete her Reiki Master certification to enhance her instruction and healing abilities.  Jess is also a guitarist and singer and loves to incorporate mantra singing and instrumental accompaniment into her classes or during workshops. Jess’s intention for  teaching yoga is to encourage others to develop a positive relationship with their bodies and minds so they can better serve themselves and their well-being on and off of their yoga mat.