February Teacher Feature

Meet Becky Payne

“My hope is to guide students home to themselves.”

Psst…Becky’s currently on maternity leave and Lily will be taking over her 9:30 am Gentle Flow class on Tuesdays. Until Becky’s return, we thought you’d like to learn more about her. We’ll miss you, Becky!

Where are you from?

I am from Portland, Maine.

What’s your sign?

I’m a Gemini (and I even have an identical twin!)

What’s your training background?

After earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences with a minor in Women’s Studies, I continued my education in bodywork and energy work. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Aesthetician and I completed my 200 hours of yoga teacher training at the Breathing Room. After my 200 hours, my continuing education included Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra and Meditation. I’m also a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and I offer training to students who wish to earn their Reiki certification. 

In addition to teaching at the Breathing Room, I offer all of these services at Becky’s Skincare and Bodywork. I love nourishing my clients and students, considering myself more of a guide than a teacher. Through all of my offerings, my hope is to guide students home to themselves.

What’s your favorite pose?

I love legs up the wall, especially after a long day.

What’s your least favorite pose?

Currently, I’m not loving twists or forward folds, due to a low back injury.

Who are your favorite artists/musicians?

I can’t get enough of Bob Marley.

What’s the best place to eat in Portland or South Portland?

Rosie’s! It is a bit of a dive but it’s a Portland staple. I love to sit at the window and people watch!

What’s your favorite spot in town to chill?

The Eastern Promenade. It’s a great place for a walk or a picnic, or just to relax.

How do you find room to breathe?

I like to arrive early to work every day. During this time, I give myself space to sit alone, to be quiet, and to recharge. I also receive regular bodywork and energy work. I also find walking is the perfect way to find some breathing room!