Emily Hunt

Emily is a 300 HR Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Medicinal Herbalist. She teaches empowering techniques for self-ownership and nourishment via yoga and plant-medicine. Rooted in the whole person and non-judgment approach, her offerings are inspired by traditional wisdom. Emily’s teaching style is authentic, alignment orientated, language specific, and empowering. Trained in advanced asana and pranayama, her classes commonly have enlivening breath work woven into the asana.
Emily’s practice with yoga began in an attempt to find peace during her freshman year of high school. She quickly fell in love with the spiritual aspect of yoga and its ability to support the feeling of presence in the body. After graduating from The Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda in 2016, Emily moved to the Big Island of Hawaii to teach yoga and art for The Laupāhoehoe Community Public Charter School. Later, while living in an art mill in Vermont she worked with VPI South Residential Treatment Center For Girls supporting folks by teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga. During this time she was also teaching yoga for studios and private clientele.

Emily specializes in vigorous flow, yin, meditation, pranayama workshops and also provides personal herbal consultations and medicinal herb workshops.