Streaming Online Classes

Register for our live streaming classes right from MindBody!

How it Works:

  1. Register for classes with your MindBody account. You can use your current membership or existing class package or purchase our new sale packages.
  2. You will receive an email from us before the class starts with the zoom meeting ID.
  3. Open Zoom and enter the meeting ID.
  4. Practice with your favorite teacher from the comfort of your own home.

In this new world, with more physical distance from each other, it has never been clearer that the only path forward is together. The silver lining is that we have the opportunity to share this practice and the work of our incredible teachers with even more people, in a time when we all need it most. Until we are reunited within the studio walls, we are countering fear with love.

Why Breathing Room is vulnerable and why you should care:
While most studios employ teachers as independent contractors giving them no sick days, job security, healthcare, or benefits, Breathing Room has spent 10 years working to make teaching yoga a viable profession.

In a deeply touching and extraordinary move, Breathing Room teachers are teaching at half-pay or has volunteered to teach for free during this crisis. These gestures help us appreciate how tangibly our teachers believe in our mission. So we see this exquisite wheel unfolding: you, our students, are holding our teachers and our teachers are holding the studio. It goes without saying I have suspended all personal pay.

Our game plan? For the next four weeks, And we need your help.

How we do this together:
Spread the Word. Yogis who practice together stay together 🙂
Please Keep or Decide to Join our Unlimited Pass Membership. In addition to paying the lowest price of all, our members are our lifeblood and ensure our studio will be here on the other side of this.

Donate. Since we don’t make much revenue from members, we are asking our community – if you are in a position to provide additional support – to consider donating to the studio in a fund that will go right back to our teachers and staff.

Reach Out. Know that we as teachers and friends are here for you. If you have ideas of ways you would like to see this community evolve, we want to hear them. If you’ve come on hard times financially and no longer have access to these tools, let us know and we want to help you. Thanks to the generosity of many, we will help reciprocate in any way we can.

I have never seen a better working example of intelligent, sentient people coming together to make something happen. It feels like a movement of something good in the midst of all that feels hard.
This is truly a time to practice, to come together, to think about others, and to use adversity as an opportunity for our true character to surface. It’s an honor to move forward with you, together.