Amy believes that the practice of yoga can be applied to everyday life. Much of what is going on in our environment can give us insight to our own needs. When she discovered this inspiring practice for the first time, it quickly became a regular means of balance, connection, vitality, and compassion. Hoping to share the practice of yoga with the community, Amy earned her 200 hour certification just outside of Boston in 2013, and has been teaching ever since.

Yoga is meant to adapt to the needs of the practitioner, and its beneficial to recognize where we can slow down, to ground, or perhaps build heat. Depending on the needs of the students, Amy will safely guide you through a mindful yoga practice. Expect heartfelt sequencing designed around safety and alignment, while seamlessly linking breath to movement. These fluid, intentional movements are intended to create space in the body, and to help students cultivate and deeper mind/body awareness. Amy aims to leave all students, of all-levels, feeling connected, open, and inspired.

When not teaching, you can find Amy with her family, enjoying the outdoors, or on her mat. Always a student of yoga, Amy is inspired by the many talented instructors in this area. One of her many “whys” for showing up to the mat: “We are so bombarded by external noise and opinion. Often, our own voice ends up buried beneath voices we may not even realize we were exposed to. I practice to turn all of that off, and to dial my inner channel (or voice) on. Intuition allows me to admit when things don’t feel right, and to honor when they do. This awareness helps me to better understand who I am, and how I wish to show up in my life.”