300 hr Teacher Training

Maine Yoga School at Breathing Room

November 2018 – February 2020

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training:
Deepening and Sustaining Your Yoga Teaching Path

As yoga educators, we understand the importance of practice and continued study under the guidance of skillful teachers. This 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training is designed to both up-level your knowledge base and provide individualized attention so that you feel supported and uplifted by your chosen path. However, we also understand that in order to be present and attuned to your students, you need to do your own work to feel engaged, inspired and enthusiastic about your teaching. We hope to provide you with the tools and resources that are required to sustain a teaching career for a long time to come.

Curriculum includes weekend modules emphasizing the following:

  • teach confidently and from the heart
  • artfully combine the flow of Vinyasa with the integrity of alignment
  • draw upon your own wisdom to meet the needs of all students with yogic themes, heart-centered language and yoga philosophy
  • bring clarity + context to who you are as a yoga teacher and what your offer
  • resource your own strength and wisdom to stay committed and dedicated to your path

The curriculum includes: 8 Core Modules + Mentorship – 180 hours

Electives: Choose the track that aligns with your heart’s calling!

Track 1: Advanced Yoga Studies – 100 hours

Track 2: Mindful Matriarch Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Kelley Voegelin – 85 hours

Track 3: Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor with James Bailey – 150 hours


8 Required Modules + Mentorship:
If paid in full prior to November 2nd, 2018: $2,700
Pay per Module: $350

Electives for Advanced Yogi Track: $350
Early bird pricing: $300

Prenatal Teacher Training: $1500

Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor: $2675