Trainers Experiences

custom essay“I began my journey through Yoga Teacher Training unsure what direction I would go in and feeling less than confident with my teaching skills.  I emerged from this training with confidence, knowledge and a strong desire to share yoga with everyone. I was truly impressed by the way the training encouraged each of to be our authentic selves and to teach from our hearts.  This training not only prepared me for becoming a yoga teacher, it taught me how to live yoga and how to fully embrace myself.  This was a much more than training for me, it was a transformation.”
~Becky Payne, LMT


“My journey through the Breathing Room Yoga Teacher Training was truly transformational.  I entered the training unsure if I wanted to actually be a yoga teacher, but left with a strong desire to share the practice of yoga with others.  I couldn’t keep all I had learned to myself.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to now teach at the Breathing Room and to continually learn and grow alongside those in my classes.”
~Susy Hawes


“This teacher training has made me fall in love with yoga all over again. I have been immersed in all the richness that yoga offers, not only the asana practice but also the other teachings and practices. Carissa offers so much passion and knowledge of yoga that not only am I learning so much, but it is also impossible not to be inspired by the amount of heart put into her practice. There has been a wonderful stream of very knowledgeable experts that have been guest teachers for us that have so much wisdom and knowledge to offer, making this teacher training experience very rich and well rounded. It is clear that Carissa has intended this teacher training to provide us with as many tools, practices, and concepts as possible so that not only we can have a thorough understanding of yoga and be able to teach yoga with confidence and wisdom, but also so that we will be able to craft our own style and voice as yoga teachers.”
~Ethan Kauffman


“The meditation requires self awareness. If the drug modafinil can cause you to get stuck in an activity for 6-8 hours without being able to self-reflect on why you are doing that activity or the benefit you are getting out of it, the usefulness in meditation could be questioned.”
~Richard Dawkins


“This training went above and beyond my expectations and preconceived ideas.  I feel confident and well-versed not only with the poses, but also with the philosophies of yoga as a whole.  I always felt safe and comfortable in the nurturing and friendly environment that formed with my fellow trainees, and the schedule of the training fit into my life perfectly.  I was also impressed by the wide array of experts in different fields that were brought into the classroom.  Well-rounded, thorough, and simply amazing, this training was definitely one of the best decisions I have made for myself.  I can’t wait to share what I have learned with the community!”
~Lauren Norster

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