Core Modules

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Required Core Modules

8 Core Modules and Mentorship – 180 hours

1. Purpose + Progression: Advanced Sequencing Techniques with Margo Rosingana

This module will prepare you teach a progressively sequenced alignment-based Vinyasa class from the most simple expression of a pose to the more complex. Learn to deconstruct poses into their digestible pieces and parts to build a class that scaffolds and sustains the practitioners to ensure success for all students.

  • Understand the use of krama within a pose or family of poses, a series of poses, and throughout an entire class
  • Peak pose progression – how to teach advanced poses safely
  • Development of sequences that can be used for gentle, basics, all levels and advanced classes
  • Using repetition to embody key actions used in a particular sequence Create fluid transitions
2. Moving off the Mat: Advanced Assisting + Observation Techniques with Lily Dougher

This module will provide an opportunity to continue to develop your teaching through incorporating hands-on assists, energetic alignment and strong verbal cues. Teaching is a skill that should be attended to repeatedly, this module allows you to continue to refine and redefine what it means to be a teacher.

  • Refine observation skills
  • Teaching nonjudgemental alignment for all body types
  • Advanced hands-on assists
  • Teaching energetic alignment in relationship to Prana
  • Learn how to observe and understand subtle energy shifts in students and in yourself
3. Finding Your Voice with Margo Rosingana

At it’s core, teaching and practicing yoga is an exercise in self-study. Through this awareness of our inner being, we can begin to cultivate an authenticity that is unique and feel confident about delivering this special offering. Asana will be integrated into the weekend.

  • Weaving a theme through class
  • Anchoring the philosophical to the physical
  • Journaling, writing exercises and vision boards to clearly define your teaching
  • Using poetry, images and texts to create themes for classes
  • Understand the impact of language: voice, tone and non-verbal communication
4. Mapping the Inner Landscape: Physical + Subtle Body Anatomy withMargo Rosingana, Lily Dougher + Guest Teacher

Deepen your understanding of physical and subtle body anatomy to create amore profound sense of embodiment to your teaching. In this module, you’ll explore the felt sense of your own moment to moment experience with lecture and asana.

  • Kundalini • Review bandhas: Muladhara, Uddiyana and Jalandhara
  • Subtle Body Theory: Koshas, Chakras, Nadis
  • Pranayama techniques to access the subtle body Advanced Anatomy and Asana
5. Embodied Wisdom: Yoga Philosophy with Margo Rosingana + Guest Teacher

Explore Yoga’s evolution from it’s ancient Vedic roots, to the classical Yoga of Patanjali, Vedanta, the yogas of the Bhagavad Gita all the way to it’s Tantric explosion of the 9th century. As teachers of a practice with a long line of seekers and sages, you will deepen your knowledge and understanding of how this practice came to be. Through this exploration you will find more comfort and clarity in how you present this wisdom to your classes. Lecture with some asana and meditation woven into the weekend.

6. Holding Space: Exploring the Student-Teacher Relationship with Margo Rosingana + Guest Teacher

The ability to step into the role of teacher and to hold the space effectively, requires not only being skilled at teaching asana, but how to be in relationship to yourself and to your students. This module will provide opportunities to discuss the ethical guidelines involved in the student-teacher relationship. Deepen your understanding of personality traits, learning styles and ways to create more embodied awareness for yourself and your students. Reflect on principles, such as, transference, countertransference, projection and bias. Teach from a place of integrity and authenticity. • Explore different learning styles and personality traits (introvert vs. extrovert) and how to serve the needs of those students

  • Explore different learning styles and personality traits (introvert vs. extrovert) and how to serve the needs of those students
  • Understand feelings of transference, counter transference, projection and bias
  • An enhanced discussion of ethics and treading the space of the student teacher relationship with care
  • explore the context that underlies teaching yoga “know your why”
7. Staying the Course with Margo Rosingana + Guest Teachers

Many yoga teachers have at their core a deep desire to nurture, support and help students feel better in their bodies and about themselves as a whole. What’s needed to stay the course – To hold to the path with continued courage and compassion? We’ll explore a variety of tools to not only attune to your own self-care needs as a teacher, but how to foster that same exploration in your students.

  • Guided meditation
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Ayurvedic Self-Care practices
  • Ways to Optimize Your Teaching Schedule
  • Know your bottom line
  • Pranayama techniques
  • Understand Your Own Inner Resources Business of Being a Yoga Teacher
8. Purpose + Progression: Advanced Asana + Sequencing Techniques Part 2 with Margo Rosingana, Lily Dougher + Guest Teachers

Learn ways to deepen your asana practice to find a more refined understanding of alignment techniques and sequencing strategies for different groups of poses. The weekend workshop will continue the exploration from Part 1. This offering is intended to help create variations and modifications that will serve all body types and levels of practitioners.


One on one mentorship with an experienced yoga teacher is crucial to sustaining your yoga teaching career. It can often feel as though we are in it alone. This component of the 300 hour training is unique in that you will meet with the lead trainer throughout the course of the training. This time can be used to discuss places where you feel an edge in your teaching, refine understanding of concepts presented in weekend modules, or get one on one instruction on asana alignment techniques. Trainees will be required to assist and observe the lead trainers’ classes and workshops. Finally, as a more senior teacher you will have the opportunity to assist and mentor the Winter 2019 and Fall 2019 200 hour teacher trainings. This means that you have the chance to anchor your skillset by serving as a mentor for a brand new teacher.

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