:: teacher feature :: Lauren Norster

We’re excited to feature our teacher, Lauren Noster! Lauren completed her 200hr training at Breathing Room, and is also a Reiki Master and Meditation teacher.  Lauren’s popular Healing Yoga: Restorative + Reiki is coming up at Breathing Room is coming up in March… and we strongly recommend registering in advance.  This workshop always sells out and receives high praise from attendees.


In addition, Lauren helps keep the gears of our studio turning as a studio manager.  We jokingly call her our “studio fairy” as she frequently comes over in the wee early morning hours to keep our studio beautiful and thriving.


We totally adore Lauren. Don’t you?? Her grounding, positive personality is a joy to be around and her teaching is stellar.


what brought you to yoga?

::I became interested in how the body can move when I started taking dance lessons at age four.  As a freshman in college, I was introduced to yoga in my modern dance class when my professor brought in a yoga teacher to teach us as a guest instructor.  Combining movement with breath was life-changing for me.

what drew you to teach?

::Teaching is my passion — I work with homeschooled students right now, and have taught in a variety of different educational settings.  I started teaching yoga to kids, and when I saw how much they were benefiting from the practice, I knew I had to bring the same lessons to adults.

favorite posture?

::Upavishta Konasana (Seated wide-leg forward fold)

what are you most proud of?

::I am most proud that I have somehow been able to make a career out of teaching what I love in a way that is true to me — whether it be yoga, Reiki, meditation, or working with home schoolers, I get to do something that makes me truly happy.

what do you love about breathing room?

::I feel such a strong connection with the Breathing Room — I feel honored to have been a part of the studio in various ways since the studio opened, and it feels like a second home.  The space is so warm and inviting — it’s like a breath of fresh air to walk into the BR

what inspires you?

::I am inspired by perhaps what can be called “circumstantial curiosity” — if I am dealing with a certain issue in my body or life, I want to know what I can do it help relieve it.  This brings me to research various yoga postures, pranayama, meditations, or mantras.  This broadens what I might bring to a class, workshop, or training.

favorite playlist?

::Recently I’ve been digging the “Happy” (by Pharrell Wiliams) station on Pandora

how do you fill your time outside of teaching/yoga?

::In addition to teaching yoga, Reiki, and homeschoolers, I am also an artist — I recently have been making pieces that explore the subtle body and meditation, but also focus on maps and anatomy.  I also love to workout and have been lifting weights and swinging kettlebells most mornings in addition to my yoga practice.

do you have a personal mantra?

::It might have come from a silly viral video, but “you can’t hug every cat” might be the personal mantra that I say to myself most outside of my meditation practice. Silly cat-lady video aside, for me it means that I can’t do or learn everything; I need to balance activity with downtime.

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With the holidays on the horizon, we’re already getting many requests for gift cards.  What a wonderful gift to give – the gift of feeling GOOD and calming the mind through yoga.

You may purchase in the studio or online!  This photo gives simple instructions to purchase online.  Begin by visiting our online schedule, here.  Thank you in advance for supporting local business and the heart and soul of our community.  Namaste!

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