Vigorous Vinyasa

In this more upbeat class postures are linked in a dynamic, flowing sequence, designed to cultivate internal, organic heat, stamina, flexibility and strength in the body. Traditional sun salutations and yoga philosophy are blended with contemporary movements and progress toward more complex postures to invigorate the body and instill a sense of calm. While this class is open to all-levels, experience with a flow style yoga practice is recommended.

Vinyasa Teacher Training

Our 200 hour teacher training provides a broad introduction to the fundamentals of teaching vinyasa yoga with intelligence, joy, and wisdom. The program is certified by the nationally recognized Yoga Alliance.

Trainees explore full abilities in both body and spirit.  Each student discovers his or her own voice, collects wisdom from a wide range of teachers and guest teachers, and learns to teach with clarity, confidence, intelligence and joy.   Our training is led by knowledgeable teachers who present a wide range of topics that develop growth in spirit, strength, authenticity and purpose.

Read our full Breathing Room Yoga Teacher Training FAQ by clicking here.

Topics Covered

Our studies will range from asana, pranayama, and meditation; ancient yogic texts; basic anatomy and physiology of the physical body and subtle energy body; history and philosophy of yoga; Ayurveda; various styles and lineages of yoga; Yin Yoga; mantra, ethics, restorative yoga, pre-natal, hands-on assisting, observing, teaching and assisting cOMmunity classes, and more.

In every session, students will learn in a large group as well as in smaller groups.


Our teacher training is led by Breathing Room senior teachers Lily Dougher (owner, teacher & RN,YACEP, ERYT) directs the training with Margo Rosingana (ERYT 500)  In addition, our training is unique in that we host nationally and locally recognized guest teachers who bring years of wisdom, clarity, and richness to the subjects we study.  Past and current guest faculty includes Grace Jull, Coral Brown, Sue Jones, Nicole Clark, Jennifer Morrison, Mo Bankey, and Sandra Lavangeles.


Schedule & Dates- Please refer under our Teacher Training Tab

In addition to attendance on these dates, trainees are required to

Take 7 Classes at Breathing Room.  An unlimited pass is included in tuition for the entirety of the training.
Take one Iyengar Yoga class and one Ashtanga Yoga class at a studio outside Breathing Room
Complete weekly OMwork Assignments which include reading and some reflection questions/journaling.
Teach two cOMmunity classes at Breathing Room; assist two cOMmunity classes at Breathing Room.

Tuition- Please refer under our Teacher Training Tab


Installment Schedule:
Deposit to Hold Your Space: $500, the remainder must be paid in three installments

We are flexible – if you desire to take the training but would like to discuss another payment arrangement, please reach out and we can discuss confidentially!

Tuition includes: an unlimited class pass to Breathing Room for the duration of the training as well as a comprehensive training manual.  It does not include the purchase of text books or the fee required to take Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga elsewhere.


To apply, please answer the questions on the TT page in full via email to


Hear what some of our past teacher-trainees have to say about our training program:

“My journey through the Breathing Room Yoga Teacher Training was truly transformational.  I entered the training unsure if I wanted to actually be a yoga teacher, but left with a strong desire to share the practice of yoga with others.  I couldn’t keep all I had learned to myself.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to now teach at the Breathing Room and to continually learn and grow alongside those in my classes.”

~Susy Hawes

“This teacher training has made me fall in love with yoga all over again. I have been immersed in all the richness that yoga offers, not only the asana practice but also the other teachings and practices. Carissa offers so much passion and knowledge of yoga that not only am I learning so much, but it is also impossible not to be inspired by the amount of heart put into her practice. There has been a wonderful stream of very knowledgeable experts that have been guest teachers for us that have so much wisdom and knowledge to offer, making this teacher training experience very rich and well rounded. It is clear that Carissa has intended this teacher training to provide us with as many tools, practices, and concepts as possible so that not only we can have a thorough understanding of yoga and be able to teach yoga with confidence and wisdom, but also so that we will be able to craft our own style and voice as yoga teachers.”

~Ethan Kauffman

“This training went above and beyond my expectations and preconceived ideas.  I feel confident and well-versed not only with the poses, but also with the philosophies of yoga as a whole.  I always felt safe and comfortable in the nurturing and friendly environment that formed with my fellow trainees, and the schedule of the training fit into my life perfectly.  I was also impressed by the wide array of experts in different fields that were brought into the classroom.  Well-rounded, thorough, and simply amazing, this training was definitely one of the best decisions I have made for myself.  I can’t wait to share what I have learned with the community!”

~Lauren Norster


To view all our upcoming workshops, click here to go to our LIVE schedule, then visit the WORKSHOPS tab.


We are honored to host a variety of traveling and local teachers in unique yoga workshops.  These rich offerings enhance our creative and full weekly class schedule.  Many workshops are rare opportunities to study with knowledgable, experienced, well-known traveling teachers.  And, most workshops can count toward continuing education for Registered Yoga Teachers.



This mixed-levels class is perfect for yogis with varying depths of practice.  From newcomers to seasoned practitioners, students experience steady, flowing sequences of poses in this vinyasa style class. Newcomers, just let your teacher know you’re new to yoga and we can give you some pointers for a great first class. A typical class includes sun salutations, standing poses, twists, heart-opening postures, balancing and plenty of stretching.  Plenty of modifications and variations are given, tailoring this class to all levels.  Though there are class consistencies in each and every Flow for All class, the class style may vary with each instructor’s unique approach, teaching style and personality.


This gentle, supportive and slower paced class is open to all levels, new or experienced.  Students will spend time settling into poses, learning (or relearning!) the basics, and relaxing with breath and meditation.  Students leave this class supported, rejuvenated, and ready to face the upcoming day.  Perfect for ALL levels, from beginners who are ready to explore or experienced students who need to balance with more gentle practice.


Restorative yoga is an easy, safe, and wonderfully effective form of yoga that unravels the layers of tension in your body.  A restorative yoga practice promotes healing and personal transformation on all levels, and creates a profound inner experience of the expanded sense of self that is the goal of all yoga.   The majority of this class is spent resting on the floor over the support of yoga props while retreating into the breath and surrendering to the calm. Benefits from only one class may include deep relaxation, pain relief, increased flexibility, restful sleep, mental clarity and quiet mind.  Al levels welcome.  This class is ahhh-mazing and therefore frequently fills!  Pre-registration is suggested (but not required!).


Yang/Yin Yoga starts with the movement, stretching, and strengthening of vinyasa flow followed by calming, deep stretching connective tissue work of Yin yoga.  The Yang style of yoga invigorates the body and mind while the Yin will follow to provide more of an opening in the body meridians to enhance chi flow.  The class will enjoy 45 minutes of Yang and 45 minutes of Yin, for a total of 90 minutes in each class.


Prenatal yoga uses postures, breathing, and meditation to help prepare for and ease pregnancy and delivery.  Prenatal classes are a supportive environment to connect with fellow mothers and share tips and resources.  Classes are open to mothers of all stages of pregnancy and yoga experience.

Private & Small Group Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are a perfect option for
-new yoga students seeking one-on-one direction
-advanced beginners/intermediate students ready to grow their practice to the next level by streamlining variations of loved poses or learning more about yoga philosophy
– intermediate/advanced students ready to delve into more advanced postures, pranayama and/or yoga philosophy

Please email us ( to express your interest in a private or small group session.  We’re happy to tap into our group of talented teachers and various schedules to tailor a private or small group session for you!