Teacher Feature: Susy Hawes

Susy has been a constant in our community since we opened in 2011, first as a student, and now as a teacher.  Her grounded, honest, light-hearted spirit is so refreshing to be around – and if you’ve taken one of her stellar classes recently, you already know this!  Susy’s leading a new class – YIN at 7:30am Fridays – in addition to her popular Yang/Yin on Thursdays at 7pm.  Join her for class soon – you’ll be so glad you did.

what brought you to yoga?

The first yoga classes I went to were at the local gym. They were often scheduled right after the boot camp class, which means the root was steamy and stinky when we came in. In high school, yoga was just another way to burn calories. I would sometimes skip out on savasana and sit in the car waiting for my mom. When I did stay, I remember the teacher’s voice as she broke the silence- “It’s time to awaken” she would always say. I hear her voice some days when I am teaching and drawing students back to the space at the end of savasana.

what drew you to teach?

It still feels like some higher power led me to yoga teaching training at Breathing Room. I have always dreaded speaking in front of groups of people and never imagined myself as a yoga teacher. In the simplest explanation, I teach to share what I love.

favorite posture? viparita karani, legs up the wall or hips on a bolster, legs to the sky. ahhh.

what are you most proud of?

I am proud of myself every time I stand in front of a group of yogis and teach. I still can’t quite figure out why I don’t break out in sweats! Teaching is often the highlight of my week. I leave energized and light.

what do you love about breathing room?

Breathing Room is the only yoga studio I have ever really called home. I love the noncompetitive nature, the teachers, the students and the intimate space. I love that we don’t show up to burn calories, but instead to breath and find strength, or find calm.

what inspires you?

I am inspired by the moms in my life who keep calm in the storm of motherhood. I am inspired by my best friend who always knows what to say. I am inspired by reading. In yoga, I am constantly inspired by other teachers in this community.

favorite playlist?

I love music and I’m pretty obsessed with spotify. right now, my favorite playlists on my spotify account are “new fav” (how creative!) and “the hot sh*t.” These include a very random assortment of music ranging from Flo Rida to Moby to an artist called Namaste.

how do you fill your time outside of teaching/yoga?

I work at a start up called Local Flames which keeps me spinning a lot these days (in a good way!). Snuggles and dog walks and time with family, friends and my partner fill up the rest of my heart (and my days).

do you have a personal mantra?

When I was at the Kripalu yoga center a few years ago Bhavani, one of the teachers, taught me the mantra Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.  To be honest, I don’t even know what it means anymore but I find myself repeating it often in order to reset and to find some inner peace, if even for just a moment.