Teacher Feature: Mae Corwin

What brought you to yoga?
I would attribute my affinity for movement to my mother. A yoga teacher herself, she owned and operated 
a studio where we lived on Long Island. She had me in ashrams and on yoga retreats before I could even really make sense of it. Yoga has always been a part of my life!
what drew you to teach?
I used be a competitive gymnast and coached children’s gymnastics and dance. When I stopped competing, I sought out a more mindful way to challenge my mind/body. Yoga was a seamless transition.
favorite posture?
I think that the poses you like the least are the ones you should focus on the most. By that dogma, frog pose!
what are you most proud of?
My journey into motherhood has been the biggest and most valuable teacher in my life. I have tapped into powers as a woman that I never knew existed! Someone once told me, motherhood is like discovering a secret room in a house you’ve lived in all your life.
what do you love about breathing room?
The students! Upon entrance, it’s a room full of warm smiles and familiar faces, BR veterans helping out newbies… The Breathing Room is not just a studio, it’s a community!
what inspires you?
I like to stay fresh, I am always challenging my knowledge and seeking new inspiration. I try classes in various styles of yoga, attend trainings, and take part in various workshops.
favorite playlist?
Right now, it’s a soulful mashup of traditional music and chants and electronica… You can follow me on Spotify to see my playlists!
how do you fill your time outside of teaching?
Lately, my free time is spent hanging out with my awesome son! However, I make a point to do at least one good thing for myself a day, whether that is taking a walk, a yoga class, or a bubble bath!
do you have a personal mantra?
A mantra I used a lot throughout my pregnancy was “trust your body”. I think this still rings true for me, trusting the intuition of our bodies is such an essential part to a successful practice!