teacher feature :: jacquelynn st. pierre

As many of you may already know, Jacquelynn will be leaving Portland and the Breathing Room community soon to move to Austin, TX!  Catch a class with her while you still can!  We wish her all the best. Feel free to stay connected and follow her adventures here: www.facebook.com/jacquelynnstpierreyoga

what brought you to yoga?

I’m not surprised that I’ve landed here. First, I was a dancer. While my fascination with movement evolved I became interested in this concept of spirituality and wanted to know what the heck it was all about. I’ve always been drawn to the things that seemed mysterious, out of reach, or unusual. I also began to experience chronic pain in my teens. All of these things lead me to “try yoga”. I am just one of the fortunate beings who found this practice; it serves the soul so deep. It heals me every day.


what drew you to teach?

I just had to share. It was never a question or a consideration. These practices have literally breathed life into the depths of my core when I had no idea how I could sip in more air. Yoga is profoundly powerful my hope is to be able to relay these teachings in a way that is accessible, fun, and personal. People are sometimes put off by the idea of spirituality, afraid it’s too “out there” or will clash with their belief system. I’m here to say yoga is whatever you want it to be. And that might change from day to day. I teach to create a safe space for exploration for individuals to find their own unique dance with the divine.


favorite posture?

Wait… isn’t everyone’s favorite posture savasana?! So… besides that.. today I really like standing marichyasana.


what are you most proud of?

When I woke up this morning, I took some time to connect with my breath.. which led me to the reminder of endless possibility that comes with a new day.


what do you love about breathing room?

Sangha. The students, the teachers, the cozy sacred space where we practice- the vibration we’ve created is all about community. That is really important to me.


what inspires you?

Passionate people. Art. Poetry. Good ol’ rock and roll. Feminism. The perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate. Walking alone in a crowded new city. Digging deep. Radical self love.


favorite playlist?

I need 3 more pages to complete this answer……. If you’ve been to my class you know I dig my tunes. But here’s a few jams I’m loving lately: Otis Redding, Lykke Li, Audiopharmacy, Vitamin String Quartet, DJ Drez, Depeche Mode, Modest Mouse, Cocorosie, Beastie Boys, The Zombies, RJD2


how do you fill your time outside of teaching/yoga?

I study ayurveda, read everything, dream and plan for trips to unknown lands, hang with my french bulldog Syd, spend time with the people who I love and lift me up, go see live music, and make killer playlists for class 😉


do you have a personal mantra?

Begin again.