Student Feature: Barbara Thomson

Student Feature: Barbara Thomson


1.  What how long have you been practicing yoga and what originally brought you to yoga?

I only started doing yoga when I was 61 after several years of being encouraged to try it by a Friend of mine who is now a yoga teacher.  As with many folks, I was busy with my family and my career and I already exercised, so why did I need yoga.
And finally in the year following the deaths of my husband’s mom and my dad, I decided I needed something just for me and I went to my first yoga class.  And now 14 years later I still feel like a beginner most of the time and I love yoga more each year!  One of my few regrets in life is that I didn’t start doing yoga sooner!


2.  What keeps you coming back?

I keep coming back because there is so much to learn not only about asanas and breathing, but just about my own body. And since I am definitely in the elder category, I also appreciate the ways yoga keeps me aware of my body and its strengths and limitations.


3.  What is your favorite asana and why?

I think my favorite asana changes depending on whose class I am in at any moment.  But if forced to choose, I especially enjoy triangle pose and forward fold because I learn about and appreciate my body each time I do those poses.


4.  What brought you to the Breathing Room and what do you love most about The Breathing Room?

I came to Breathing Room because my World Gym yoga teacher, Heather raved about BR after taking teacher training here.  She left BR shortly after I started taking classes here almost 2years ago.  I stay despite the fact that I drive from North Deering to BR because I LOVE the teachers, their wisdom, dedication and teaching styles.  I can truly say I leave every class with energy and mindfulness and a little more understanding of the depth and breadth of yoga.


5.  What do you bring off your mat from your practice? How does yoga contribute to your daily life?

Yoga brings a lot to my daily life in which I enjoy retirement with my darling husband and our kids and grandchildren.  A super special retirement gift is our seven year old granddaughter whom our daughter adopted from India more than five years ago.  I truly believe I bring more to my relationships as a grandmother, mother, wife, volunteer, friend, and substitute teacher because I practice yoga.  On the other hand, I have to say that 14 years into practicing yoga, I still struggle with down dog.  Oh well.


6.  Favorite Book, Favorite Place to Visit and anything else you would like to add so the community can get to know your better?

Even though Elizabeth Bennett never did yoga, Pride and Prejudice is probably still my favorite book.  My husband and I love and visit Acadia National Park yearly where I love to hike, bike, and eat at our favorite restaurant, Mâché Bistro.



7.   Favorite quote or mantra that inspires you?

My favorite mantra changes regularly too as I am a veracious reader.  But often I come back to the Serenity Prayer and its emphasis on serenity, courage and wisdom.

Thanks to all who make the Breathing Room a special place!

Student Feature

Student Feature