THE EXPERIENCE- A look back… by Margo R

Lily and I have just returned from our first yoga retreat in Troncones, Mexico.  It’s interesting to think back on the day when Lily called me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to co-lead a retreat in this sleepy, little seaside village on the southwest coast of Mexico.  From that point forward we encountered our fair share of obstacles along the way.  From a change of venue to cancelled or rescheduled flights, it seemed the little annoyances would never end.  After our first rooftop yoga session, I was staring out at the waves crashing on shore and felt the soft ocean breeze and I knew that it was all worth it.


We were greeted at dawn (in this case 7:00 am as the Sierra Madres block the sun from shining any earlier) by coffee service at our beachside bungalows.  Sipping on coffee or tea we would make our way up to the rooftop yoga deck. In addition to two yoga sessions a day, we spent the rest of our time lounging by the pool with various forms of reading material.  Many of us opted to navigate the thundering ocean, picking our way around submerged rocks, and fighting the current.  The air was 85 degrees, the water 80 degrees.  There isn’t anything better than napping in a hammock to the sound of waves continuously crashing on shore. In fact, there was quite a swell and the surfers among us were indeed ‘stoked.’  Each night, we were presented with spectacular meals inspired by local ingredients and fresh seafood: red snapper, mango salsa, molé sauce . . .we truly felt pampered and well taken care of.


The part of the trip that I will remember most is the connections that were made within our small group and with the people we met along the way.  Travel truly pulls you out of your habits and routines and makes you step out of any place that feels inhibited.  I was amazed at the depth of conversation that I was privy to.  We see each other on our mats several days a week at the studio, but there isn’t always time to connect in a meaningful way.  After this trip, we each hold a little piece of one another in our hearts and the memories that we share.

-Margo Rosingana