News! Eco-Commuter Card = Free Class for You

We’re so excited to announce a new Eco-Commuter card at Breathing Room.  Here’s how it works:

1- Each time you walk, run, bike, bus, or carpool to the studio, you can get a punch on your punch card at the studio.

2- 5 punches = a free class for you!

This is better for the environment, better for your health and better for our neighborhood street parking.  As the weather warms up we hope you will embrace this new program!  The cards are at the front desk now to be picked up whenever you come to class.

Important Notes:
– the studio will NOT keep track of the cards,  this is the responsibility of the student.  Lost cards cannot be replaced.  The cards are business card sized, we recommend keeping them in a wallet or safe spot.
– cards cannot be combined.
– for now, this is an honor system.  Please practice “satya” – Sanskrit for truthfulness – when asking for a punch at the desk.