Meet a Yogi- Holly Martzial

Have you had a chance to join Holly’s phenomenal Flow for All class on Sunday at 6pm? or maybe you have had the sweet opportunity to be in her relaxing Restorative class Wednesday at 7:30pm? If not don’t miss out! Her classes are filling up fast and you will be happy you went!

Holly Martzial

Holly Martzial


Read here to get to know Holly, one of our dedicated and compassionate teacher here at the Breathing Room.

  • What brought you to yoga?

I have always been an active and adventurous person, and I love to try new things, so it was just a matter

of time before I tried my first yoga class. I remember I was in college and this little old lady who owned a

local studio came to our campus fitness center to teach a class. My best friend and I decided to go try it

out. We were the only two in the class and we had the best time, so many giggles. I can’t remember any of

the poses we did, but I remember learning Ujjayi breathing.

It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado after college that I started to really get into yoga. I thought it would be

helpful with my snowboarding, turns out it was SO much more!

  • In what way has yoga had an effect on your life? and what drew you to teach?

Yoga has affected my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. The most profound impact that yoga has had

on my life is that it keeps me grounded. I am the true definition of a wanderluster: I want to travel

everywhere, live in ten different places at once, I have 100 different career paths I want to take, you get my

drift… Yoga has taught me how to be present. It has taught me to be grateful for the here and the now. It

has taught me to sit still. It has taught me that when things are challenging, rather than run away on to

the next, stay, breathe, and learn. This has been a monumental shift for me.

When I moved back to Boston from Colorado, yoga was the only thing keeping me together. It was such a

culture shock moving from the majestic Rocky Mountains and wide open spaces of Colorado to the busy,

traffic heavy, fast paced city life. It was then that I began to feel drawn to teaching. I wanted to spend all

my time in the yoga studio, I wanted to know everything about it. I wanted every person I encountered on

the subway, in line at the coffee shop, beeping their horns in traffic, to be touched by the benefits of yoga.

I wanted to spread that feeling of calm, grounded-ness and peace to those around me. I believe that this

practice of mindfulness can have such a huge impact on our society, I want everyone to have access to

these teachings.

  • favorite posture?

My favorite posture is half moon pose (Ardha Chandrasana). I have loved this pose for so long – it makes

me feel balanced, open, strong and free. Your grounded and flying at the same time. I have also heard it

called ‘star pose’ which I just love. The imagery of shining bright like a star in this pose is just so fitting to

the way it makes me feel.

  • What has been your biggest challenge or surprise in yoga?

I think my biggest challenge in yoga is not comparing myself to others. It is hard not to get caught up in

the Instagram photos of that super fit, tan and gorgeous yogi in some crazy arm balance in front of a

perfect sunset. It’s almost impossible not to feel jealous of the famous teachers who sell out classes of

hundreds in cities all over the world… DREAM LIFE!! But that’s just it, that’s not my life, that’s not my

journey. THIS is my journey, so I gotta keep my eyes on the road and keep putting one foot in front of the


  • what do you love about breathing room?

The community! First of all, the community of teachers here is incredible. I feel so lucky to be a part of

such an inspiring, strong, caring group of leaders. Beyond that, I cannot say enough about the amazing

tribe of people who come to share in yoga at the Breathing Room. I love how there is so much diversity

among our students – different backgrounds, different stories, all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all levels. At

the Breathing Room we are not defined by our differences. There is no such thing as competition here. We

come together through our love for this practice. No matter how we got here, or why, when we are moving

and breathing together in this sacred space – we are connected. We are all one.

  • what inspires you?

SO many things! My community of teachers inspire me every time I step on my mat for one of their

classes. My family and friends inspire me by always being so supportive of my journey. Travel inspires me,

you gain so much perspective from traveling. Music inspires me, books inspire me, spending time in

nature inspires me. Really, inspiration can be found everywhere if you open yourself to it.

  • favorite playlist?

Ohhh I love this question – music is such an integral part of my practice. Thievery Corporation has a great

beat that is awesome in a challenging vinayasa flow class. Nahko and Medicine for the People is another

favorite – the best lyrics. Right now I have Trevor Hall’s new album on repeat, KALA, so good.

  • What advice would you give yourself if you could time travel back to your first time on the mat?

Don’t run out of the room!! Seriously, this happened. It wasn’t my very first class, but it was definitely

early on, back in Vail. Reflecting back on it now I remember feeling very frustrated, challenged,

aggravated. Not at all how I feel when I practice now. At the time, I couldn’t handle it. I rolled up my mat

and marched out of the room, right in the middle of class! Luckily I found my way back, and managed to

stick with it. It is very interesting when you meet your ego on the mat. Working through that process is

one of the most challenging things you can do, but staying with it, meeting yourself where you are at, is so

vital to growth and release.

  • how do you fill your time outside of teaching? What is something that we might not know about you? 

I am a professional planner! I have always been a planner; I really love a good plan. I am

super organized and I like to have things to look forward to, so it makes sense. I spent many years as a

wedding and event planner, but I got pretty burnt out on that so now I just help friends with their special

events. I now work full time in the tourism industry for a non-profit destination marketing organization. I

market Southern Maine to out-of-state meeting and event planners, and I try to encourage them to bring

conference, groups and events to Maine. This is really important for the Maine economy.

I am also currently working with a travel company to plan a yoga and adventure retreat in Costa Rica in

November. I love to travel and I do it any chance I can get. This opportunity is so amazing because I get to

combine travel and yoga! Two of my favorite things.

  • do you have a personal mantra?

I have a few. “Do You.” is one. I love this because it’s so empowering – do what YOU want to do, and don’t

worry about what everyone else thinks.

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” Another mantra I live by. I feel so lucky to have passion, dreams,

goals and motivation to work for them. Nobody is going to hand you your dream life, you have to do the


Lastly, “No worries.” I try to live by this, but it’s really tough for me. Sometimes I become really consumed

by anxiety and worry, and I can be really hard on myself. My husband always says this to me, “No worries,

babe!” And he’s right, worrying is like praying for something you don’t want to happen. Put your energy

somewhere else.


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