Eight things I want to tell you when you come to my class

Eight things I want to tell you when you come to my class:

1. Thank goodness you are here!!! Seriously, I am SO thankful you came. Every time I drive to the

studio before I teach a class, I pray people actually show up, and I am still so shocked and excited

when they do.

2. I take my role as the teacher seriously, but I really want us to have some fun! I love it when you

want to try new things, and we can laugh and fall over and get back up. Life is hard and stressful

and this is our time to play around and get in touch with our bodies and not worry about all that

other stuff. I laugh at myself a lot when I teach, and I like it when you laugh too.

3. It’s ok if you touch your neighbor. I promise they don’t bite.

4. Please use your props. Have you ever walked into a class and recognize some other teachers

taking the class alongside you? If so, have you ever noticed they have literally every prop available

next to them: blocks, a strap, a blanket, a bolster; and they use them! Props don’t mean you are

“bad” at yoga, they are there to support you and take your practice to a deeper level in a safe way.

5. One that same note, please use modifications. I hate to break it to you, but nobody cares what

you’re doing… and that is actually awesome!! But seriously, everyone else is (hopefully) so

immersed in their own practice, they aren’t concerned that you put your knees down or take

child’s pose. So please, listen to your body.

6. I think you would find great benefit in taking off your socks. Perhaps you are self-conscious of

your feet, but again – no one cares (see #5). I want you to feel the connection to your mat and the

Earth, and I think it would help you stop slipping in Warrior II.

7. Sometimes I screw up. Sometimes I lose my place, or I forget what we just did, or where we are

going, or what side we are on. Sometimes I screw up so bad I have to put you all in child’s pose

and pull myself together. Standing up in front of that room can be really scary sometimes, and

sometimes I’m having an “off” day, or the class just isn’t flowing right. Thank you for coming back

and giving me another chance, even if I was a hot mess that one time.

8. You are teaching me, too. The way your body reacts to my cues, the way your energy shifts as we

move through the practice, your feedback after class. These things are so vital to my growth as a

teacher. Thank you for your teachings.